By Lady Jean L. Kabagani

MARAWI CITY, Dec 27 (PIA ICCC)- Computer literacy can help the war-torn city rise from devastation, a rainmaker from Marawi said.

Hamdan Guro, the ARMM Rainmaker Startup champion, is committed to help his city build a local startup innovation through the use of technology and digitals for entrepreneurship.

The Regional Startup Champions, or Rainmakers, discussed the importance of technology in economic development during the three-day Startup Champions Summit. (Photo by Edwin Daryl/IdeaSpace)

Guro, a former trainee of the Department of Information and Communication Technology’s (DICT) Rural Impact and Source (RIS) technology training, is now collaborating with other information technology (IT) intellectuals of Marawi to introduce ‘Moro Innovators’ project in their communities.

Guro also shares opportunities to other internally displaced individuals in Marawi City and its neighboring municipalities in Lanao del Sur.

He is currently conducting free technical talks on the ground to help provide online livelihood for the IDPs.

He aims to influence youth, who were also victimized by the siege, to revive their normal life and their business activities.

“I want to help young people to engage in this project for them to be exposed in IT world and get more opportunities for their living,” Guro said.

Guro also targets to capacitate those IT intellectuals with the concept of ‘technopreneurship’ as a tool to revitalize the livelihood opportunities for the conflict-afflicted city.

“When the conflict in Marawi has ended, then we were able to return here, I’ve seen how the city was destroyed by the long fight, so for me it is like my obligation as an IT professional to be part of the rehabilitation of my city,” said Guro.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) pushed a nationwide Startup Champion Project with the goal to equip individuals in business opportunities.

“RIS was all about freelancing and getting a job online but I never knew that it was my gateway to be exposed for Startup Champion project of the DICT. The Rainmakers was introduced in DICT’s website and I applied, luckily I was accepted along with the different region across the country,  we’re 18 of us who were invited to visit Ideaspace in Makati, for the  Rainmakers Startup Community Champions Summit,” shared Guro.

Hamdan Guro of Marawi City is representing the entire ARMM region for the Rainmaker Startup Champions Project. (Photo by Edwin Daryl/IdeaSpace)

“The Startup Champions Project will be very helpful in what I want to achieve for my city. Once I have established my team, I know that the other champions will be able to help me capacitate my team members so that we are well prepared to face the task of building our startup community, especially in Marawi,” Guro has already started implementing his Rainmaker Startup project to the academic sector in the said city.

The chosen startup champions all over the country discussed the important roles of technology for economic growth and development of each region nationwide.

Guro, from Marawi who is representing the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), is among the 18 Rainmakers startup representatives of DICT project.

DICT, through this project, will support the regional startup community champions to become ready in partnering with government projects involving the use of technologies and become an ally in promoting capacity-building activities through digitals.(LJKabagani/PIA ICCC)