By Wilnard Bacelonia

MARAWI CITY, Jan 9 (PIA-ICCC) — Hundreds of Marawi IDPs from Sagonsongan Transitory Site’s Area 1 gather here today for a culmination program of the Department of Science and Technology Food and Nutrition and Research Institute’s (DOST-FNRI) “Nutrition Intervention Model in Time of Calamities: A Quick Response to Emergency” project.

DOST-FNRI Nutrition Assessment and Monitoring Division (NAMD) chief, Dr. Imelda Agdeppa, said the project benefited 375 individuals from 75 families temporarily living in the area.

DOST-FNRI Nutrition Assessment and Monitoring Division (NAMD) chief, Dr. Imelda Agdeppa explains the components of the agency’s project for Marawi. (Photo by Lady Jean Kabagani)

“This has three components: gardening, nutrition education, and supplementary feeding. We taught them container gardening, gave them proper nutrition modules which are printed in Maranao dialect, and provided them nutritious food supply for 120 days,” Agdeppa said.

During the culmination program, DOST-FNRI also gave the community another food supply, sewing machine, and beads-making kits for their livelihood.

“We have formulated indicators to know if this model project on calamity response has a positive impact. As soon as our data analysis will be finished next month, we will send the results immediately here in Marawi,” Capanzana assured.

Marawi IDPs also receive certificate of completion during culmination program. (Photo by Lady Jean Kabagani)

DOST-FNRI Director Mario Capanzana emphasized that the project did not only provide intervention for the Marawi IDPs, but also became a data source for the agency study.

He expressed hope that the Sagonsongan Area 1 community will continue to practice what the agency has taught them.

As a member-agency of the Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) Subcommittee on Health and Social Welfare, DOST-FNRI partnered with Marawi City Government and Marawi City Health Office for the successful implementation of the program.

DOST is also a member-agency of the TFBM Subcommittee on Livelihood. (WLBacelonia/PIA-ICCC)