By Lady Jean L. Kabagani

ILIGAN CITY, April 27 (PIA ICCC) – To augment livelihood assistance for Marawi cooperatives and sustain the growth of businesses in the war-torn city, the Department of Trade and Industry  (DTI) is going to implement its Shared Service Facilities (SSF) project in the area.

A common service facility will be provided to the organized groups either cooperatives or any organization that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

An organization or cooperative must have one business endeavor along with the priority industry clusters in the community.

DTI-10 Regional Director Linda Boniao said the agency would provide equipment to the beneficiaries, “so long as their proposal is submitted to agency.

“It’s a P50-million fund, I think we already approved more than 20 projects but there are still P10 million left which we aim to receive project proposals aligned with priority industry clusters,” Boniao added.

DTI has already approved priority industry cluster projects such as hollow blocks making, coffee processing, abaca weaving, cassava processing, wood-working/crafting, brass-ware making and hand long-weaving including a big area for catering business, huge restaurant and bakery that can be used in big events catering.

“Most of SSF funding project is more on the equipment that they need, because the opportunity is already there. But if the product is already processed then the DTI can now link the beneficiaries to the market,” Boniao said of the SSF project.

Meanwhile, to ensure the qualifications of the target beneficiaries, DTI needs the registration documents to verify the legitimacy of the group of beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries of the project are the actual and potential users of the SSF, which should be predominantly cooperatives, associations or groups of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) including MSMEs or individual entrepreneurs who may not be members of cooperatives, associations, corporations or organizations.

Any groups/organizations or cooperatives that aim to be part of the SSF program must be authenticated by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) or SEC with the promise that the equipment will be used accordingly.

Proposal Template

DTI has already made a project proposal template to be filled-in by the beneficiaries.

“To the IDP businessmen, if you do have any common need that you would like to enroll, you can apply to the Shared Service Facilities Program in our office,” Boniao said.

The DTI technical working group in this project will evaluate and review the documents of the beneficiaries.

“As much as possible, we would like the project proposals to be in by May this year, because it requires another one month plus the bidding and the processes,” Boniao explained.

However, Boniao said the procurement total procedure may take too long, since the process of bidding and purchasing of the government is quite lengthy including the failed bidding.

For any concerns about the SSF project, you can contact the DTI regional or the DTI provincial offices.

Eligible Projects

For a project to be eligible, it has to meet the following criteria: (1) The proposed SSF Project must address processing and manufacturing gaps or bottlenecks of the industry cluster brought about by any of the following: Absence of the needed facility, lack of capacity of an existing facility, cost of services of an existing facility is not affordable, and lack of inadequate technical and administrative services that will promote and facilitate the growth of MSMEs within the priority industry clusters. (2) The proposed SSF Project will increase the productivity of the industry cluster in terms of Product improvement/Quality enhancement/Marketability, Price competitiveness, Conformity to standards. (3) The proposed SSF Project will support microenterprises within the priority industry clusters. (4) SSF Projects that will improve the products of the One-Town One-Product (OTOP) project.

On the ongoing physical rehabilitation and recovery of Marawi City, the DTI vows to continue the delivery of  livelihood assistance to the profiled displaced persons in the war-torn city.

DTI is the lead agency of the Task Force Bangon Marawi’s Subcommittee on Business and Livelihood. (LJKabagani/PIA ICCC)