By Wilnard Bacelonia

ILIGAN CITY, April 29 (PIA-ICCC) – The Task Force Bangon Marawi’s (TFBM) Subcommittee on Land Resource Management led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is now processing the data gathered during the mapping land properties inside Marawi City’s 24 most affected barangays.

In an interview during the recent “Bangon Marawi, Bangon Ranao” radio program, Solid Waste Management Project Information Officer Sittie Almairah Lomondot of DENR’s Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) shared that they had catered to 9,518 IDPs from the nine sectors of the most affected area (MAA).

“The Subcommittee on Land Resource Management is now processing the profiles to give the IDPs copies of the data we gathered so they can use it as an official reference,” Lomondot explained.

However, she admitted that there are still properties inside MAA that still have to be mapped.

“IDPs especially those who went to Manila and other far places were not able to participate in social cartography conducted by the office,” Lomondot added.

TFBM profiles all land properties inside MAA to identify the legitimate landowners and the boundaries of each property.

The subcommittee also clarified that multiple properties even on different locations owned by a single individual or family should all be profiled.

Meanwhile, multiple claimants for a single property have to settle and agree among them to have only one representative to process the profiling.

Lomondot is also appealing to Marawi IDPs to inquire directly from TFBM for concrete and exact information about the government’s programs.

Eliminating garbage in Marawi

The TFBM divided the subcommittee on land resource mangement into two committees: Social Cartography and Solid Waste Management.

The committee on social cartography has recently acquired huge white dump trucks to help in collecting garbage in the war-torn city.

“We divided the 72 barangays outside MAA into eight clusters to have one dump truck for each cluster,” Lomondot said.

She also mentioned that the Solid Waste Management Committee is looking forward for Marawi City to have its own sanitary landfill to be set up at Barangay Malimono.

“Right now, we are disposing of the collected garbage at the dumpsite in Barangay Papandayan,” Lomondot shared.

“We have a very big problem in solid waste management here in Marawi City. We are asking full cooperation and participation from the constituents. If we don’t help the government and ourselves, this program will not succeed,” Lomondot stressed.

The committee is now preparing to orient the Marawi IDPs in both the evacuation centers and transitory sites about solid waste management and how it can help in keeping Marawi City green. (WLBacelonia/PIA-ICCC)