By Lady Jean L. Kabagani

MARAWI CITY, May 13 (PIA ICCC) – Residents of the most affected area (MAA) here aspire for more business opportunities after election.

Omaisa Benito Laguindab, a former resident of Barangay Lumbaca Madaya whose family is currently sheltered at Area 6 Biyaya ng Pagbabago Transitional Site in Barangay Sagonsongan, expects a new set of elected officials who will work to boost the Marawi economy and improve livelihood ventures for displaced families in the war-torn city.

“We went here early so we could vote for those who we believe could protect us and help us rebuild Marawi,” Laguindab stated.

Omaisa Laguindab hopes a safe and peaceful election in Marawi City. (Photo by Lady Jean L. Kabagani/PIA ICCC)

Laguindab hopes that elected officials will provide comfortable living to every resident of MAA saying, “we want change and we want the winning candidates to provide for what the IDPs lack.”

Marawi residents have already selected candidates whom they think deserve their votes.

“I voted for those who deserve my vote. We are voting wisely here,” Laguidab exerted.

Meanwhile, the residents commended the smooth conduct of the election in the city. (LJKabagani/PIA ICCC)