MARAWI CITY, JUNE 5 – “The P5M TFBM released to NCMF was part of the social healing process in the overall rehabilitation of Marawi.

In 2018, we sponsored 27 IDPs who were then living in the evacuation centers and transitional shelter to go to Haj pilgrimage.
We had a raffle drawn in front of the IDPs themselves and immediately announced the names of those who were luckily picked.
The NCMF’s inherent task is to facilitate the processing of travel documents, payment of airfares and billeting while in Saudi Arabia for a month.
Haj is a solemn obligation and fervent wish of every Muslim. It is so important to them that social healing is envisioned in the process.
The P5M released by TFBM to NCMF was covered with a MOA. Hence, we are writing an appeal to COA not to disallow this vital transaction since the P5M was properly dispensed by NCMF.
Besides, the funds used came from the President’s Social Fund and not from the funds appropriated by Congress.”