By Department of Social Welfare and Development
MARAWI CITY — Life may sometimes become a bitter pill to swallow, but believe that it always has something sweet to offer – not just figuratively, but literally SWEET, just like the delicacies being sold by Mindaya Lacsaman Ali of Daguduban in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur.
Selling Maranao delicacies has been the long- time work engagement of the 76-year old mother of seven. Back in the days, her children who were still attending school would also assist her in selling the sweet delicacies whenever possible at their first stall located at the center trading in Marawi City.
Over time, selling delicacies came to be the source of income that supported her family’s needs.
However, because of the siege, their delicacy selling at the center trading got stopped. Along with other residents of the area, they had to be relocated to a temporary shelter for safety and protection.
Since it was their only source of income, the optimistic Mindaya and her daughters Yasmina and Yahara decided to go on with their venture using whatever they still had.
When they received the livelihood settlement grant, Mindaya and her daughters expressed their utmost gratitude to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
“So kiyapaka kowa ko sa manga pamumugayan a governo a DSWD-SLP na aya tiyangkud akun sa piker akun na andamanaya I diniyan kada ago kapaka isug a inibugay rakun aya a taros a mapakala akun a negosyo akun (Since we are able to receive various financial assistance from the government through DSWD-SLP, we will assure that this will not go to nothing. We will sustain what we received),” Yasmina and Yahara remarked while giving a hug to their mother who was in tears of joy that Friday afternoon. (Mga Kuwento ng PagSibol/DSWD)